Available courses

This course is designed to:

• teach students the basics of linguistics, through the medium of English;
• Provide students with the intellectual tools to improve the mastery of English.
• Provide students with an insight into English in comparison with other languages.
• encourage students to think critically, discuss the issues with classmates and teacher;
• give students an opportunity to present their own ideas and those of others in a logical way;
• explore both the mysteries of language today and the question of how languages arise over the centuries. It is a course about the human mind and how the human mind uses language and passes it on to later generations; and
• assist not only in understanding human language as a crucial divide between humans and other species, but also as an important concept for learning a second language.
This course will cover all important materials which help students to improve their skills after graduation and have a good skill to use Excel for the purpose of Accounting .